Typically we aim to answer 85% of our call in less than 3 rings (that's better than the industry average of 80%). This means that most calls are answered in less than 24 seconds. We keep enough operators on staff to reduce the need to put anyone on hold. However, when it becomes necessary, the time a caller spends on hold is less than 20 seconds.
Friendliness and helpful personality are job requirements. Our Customer Service Representatives go through a stringent hiring and training process. In fact, our most common compliment is how friendly and professional our staff is. That's whey we say that the first thing your customers will hear is a smile.
The combination of our state of the art call processing system and our thoroughly-trained Customer Service Representatives, results in our call center's extremely high level of accuracy. Each CSR sees his or her calls through from start to finish. In addition, our supervisors add another level of quality control. Top top it off, every call is automatically voice-recorded as it developed and can be placed back on demand, even months after the fact.
Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to repeat back all information, gather the correct spellings for each name, address or business, and to confirm complete contact number. As we mentioned above, we voice-record every call.
When you consider the fact that a missed call is lost revenue (not to mention the added convenience to you and the benefits to your customers), our services are very cost effective. Even if you convert one customer a month, the service should more than pay for itself.